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quarta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2010

Are you that man under the tree?

Dionisio de Jesus Lopes )*

A man is alone standing under a tree. He puts his back on its trunks with one foot also on it. His mind full of many thoughts and ideas that he begins to question himself: “Why people need to wear masks?”

The man never stops thinking of many things especially those that he can observe in the workplace he is working at. He remembers that one from his co-workers is using a distinctive way of flattery just to catch the attention of their boss while each of the rest has their own, too.

Their boss can easily be flattered. He is so happy in every time someone flatters him as he is being carried away by the sweet tongues of the flatterers. Because of this, he can give favor easily to them even though it is not right anymore. The man is never little them. Now, that is why this man in his dramatic soliloquy conveys:

Behold the mango three that firmly stands in his desert! Look! Its barriers are gear! Don’t you wonder? See! Its roots willingly embrace the earth! Its earth’s so dry without rain but only thunder! It is never afraid to stand alone. That even though it will stand against the world for it knew that the seed of righteousness is grown all by itself. It will do to stand even though the world against the world. It is the mango three that can live alive in the dessert. A tree that can truly teach to live whenever it is planted.

Are you also the same tree in the mind of that man under the tree? It needs a reflective mind and space to truly answer.

)* Doing Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Development Communication and Journalism. Ateneo de Naga University, Philippines

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