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East Timor ready to assume security power in 2012 after the end of the mandate of UNMIT and ISF

Dili. East Timor is ready to assume power to secure and defend the sovereignty of East Timor in 2012, stated Deputy PM Jose Luis Guterres, after a meeting with the Minister of Defence of Australia, Stephen Smith, the palace of Government Friday (04/15/2011). Continues DeputyPM Jose Luis Guterres, "the security forces and defense of East Timor, are ready to ensure stability and sovereignty of RDTL(DEcomocratic Republic of East Timor).

At the meeting with Australian Defense Minister, the Deputy PM was accompanied by Secretary of State for Defence, Julio Tomas Pinto, and CHODs (Chief General Staff of Armed Forces) Major General Ruak.

East Timor Accession to ASEAN: The commitment to Timor-Leste in 2012, is joining as member of ASEAN. One of the criteria is the absence of external forces and powers in the country. If external forces such as ISF and foreign power, as UNMIT to continue to remain in East Timor, this will constitute a major obstacle for membership of the organization. The membership of ASEAN, has advantages in terms of economic, political and geostrategic.

Geostrategic ambition of Australia: According to the newspaper The Australian, in the article titled: "ADF urged to stay in East Timor to Prevent Further crises (in The Australian, 11/4/2011)." Australia's interest in maintaining its influence in the geostrategic sphere in East Timor, it is shown by maintaining the ISF forces, the construction of a processing center for refugees, and possession of the monopoly of wealth in the Timor Sea, influencing the policy decisions making at state level.

The Australian wrote, citing the group's thoughts Think Tank, The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), alert to the influence of the People's Republic of China in East Timor said that Australia must also play a role. "The Almost Certain Increasing assertiveness and expansion of China's 'soft power' approach Towards East Timor Will Challenge Canberra's political influence," it says. Should not Australia, it says, "directly competes with China for East Timor's"!

Source: National Daily Newspapers (JND), edited Monday (04/18/2011, pags. 1 and 14)!

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