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(By José Câncio, a Timorese Diaspora )

Timor Leste should be very careful to make business deal with giant companies in oil and gas explorations. Those involved in such a negotiation are required to study the characteristics of capitalism. It is an ideology, which tends to afford much, to accumulate wealth excessively, and to control all economic resources and means of productions all over the world. Those guys who own giant capitals with billions of dollars are very cunning in business deal. They have such a common ideology that creates big gaps among peoples along the Globe. They are very greedy, merciless and shameless toward other fellow humans. In other word, looking at the characteristics of their ideology, we may have a conclusion that they are very dangerous and becoming the foes of the poor and the Nature. While developing their economic growth, they create classes in the societies and oppress the weak, killing them directly or indirectly for the sake of development and either their own group or national interest. They create confusions and troubles in order to gain and to get profits more and more from the misery of others. If we want to have a business deal with them, first of all we have to know their tendencies/inclinations, their languages/terminologies used in business deal, their economic and political interests, their capitals (especially money) and their promises. We should remember how they have treated our Timorese workers in the Timor Sea petroleum explorations, such as Bayu Undang and Elang Kakatua Fields! They kicked out most of them and did not keep their promise and commitment to the agreement. They did so arbitrarily and carelessly. Some elements of those people were behind the scene of the crisis in 2006, they became mastermind for those Ninjas and conflicts among the Timorese young people. They are dangerous killers in the world, because they do not only kill the body but also the mind and as well as the spirit, including some parts of the Nature.

Remember those countries rich in oil-gas and mines, like Africans and South Americans and Asians, their peoples remain poor and some are miserable, even within the capitalist countries themselves they (capitalists) keep on oppressing their own peoples. These powerless peoples do not own nor even enjoy what belong to them. The capitalists control the societies, and building up their nests and networks all over the world, creating social injustices in everywhere. The Woodside Company and its cronies are example of this kind of people, who are very powerful and cunning.

Therefore, the Timorese People together with the Government should not give up to the Woodside and its Government Policies. The Woodside and its cronies do not care about us, that is why their preferential options regarding the Pipelines of the Greater Sunrise Project are either to Darwin or floating in the sea, they don´t consider option to East Timor, though it was included in the negotiation. When they failed to convince us to build Pipelines to Darwin, Australia, there had appeared Ninjas and killings in East Timor provoking instability in the society in order to justify their option. Now again they impose their will on us to accept a Floating Project in the Sea as a better choice. If we are united and firmed, surely they fail again, though this will provoke other instability forcing us to obey them. Obviously they are neglecting the development in Our Country and no deal at all to create jobs for our People. What they want is merely to accumulate billions of dollars rather than wellbeing of our People.

We had been suffering during 24 years because of this kind of people. They had influenced the politicians and made lobby to Indonesian Regime invading our land, at the same time selling arms to the Indonesian Government in order to kill us. As a consequence they destroyed our relationship with one another, with our neighbors, and with Nature; many lives were lost, widows and orphans are numerous, some birds are vanishing (Kakatua), woodless terrain were left behind, etc. Now they come to steal our natural resources with arrogant negotiation and shameless attitudes. Using political maneuver to gain profit and to win is the fundamental characteristic of those peoples.

We the Timorese People must learn business languages before making any business deal with them. By doing this, we can measure its advantages and disadvantages, profits and loss. We know that the Greater Sunrise oil and gas fields are ours. Then why does the Australian Government still putting hands over there? They already got benefit from the Laminaria Carolina oil field, which belong to East Timor according to the current principles of International Law. From there they took over $ 2 billion in royalties since 1999 (data from 2005). Now, again through its multibillionaire company Woodside they come to insist us to follow their option. It is something incredible, and nonsense, that the owner should bow to the company. The deal of the Bayu Undang and Elang Kaktua oil fields is another example showing that the economic and political interests of those capitalist governments are above all those of others. They are really very cunning, greedy, arrogant and shameless. Another thing revealed by the arrogant Woodside President, Don Voelte, in the Australian media several days ago saying that the Timorese Government will get only $ 13 to 15 billion dollars from the Greater Sunrise oil and gas explorations while the Australian Government will get $19 to 22 billion dollars. This shows something unfair as if most of the oil and gas fields belong to Australia.

Therefore, all of us the Timorese People, wherever we are, should to be united with the Timorese Government defending our sovereignty and resources it contains. It is our duty to fight for our right as a People and a Nation, though poor as we are. I think we are not miserable as they said, we own much, then, we have to defend and protect what we own. Misery is just a mentality created by them as well. If we are strong enough then we could be free from the poor condition which they identify with misery. Miserable peoples around the globe are not just because of their own faults or of natural consequences; however, they are also victims of the systems and structures created by these capitalist guys. Therefore, in order to win this arrogant people we have to be united consistently defending our own right and dignity. The Timorese People together with the Government should not bow to the decision of any aliens according to their own expectation to win and to control over us. Poverty exists because lack of conditions and opportunities as they have enjoyed and are still enjoying. Therefore, it is time to fight against those powerful guys who are oppressing us economical, political and mentally. Our only remedy is unity among all fractions, all political parties, students, NGOs, existing in East Timor, and civil societies. Together we already won the war and yet we have to fight pacifically or diplomatically in order to safeguard our Country and National Interest for the wellbeing of our people. Therefore, we have to put aside all our differences joining forces to support our Government, led by Xanana Gusmão, against the arrogant Woodside Company and its cronies.

Viva Timor Leste…!

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  1. Vamos à Luta !!!

    Luta pela consolidação da independência,
    Luta pela libertação do povo,
    Luta pela consolidação da unidade nacional,
    Luta pela democracia,
    Luta pela justiça social,
    Luta pela soberania nacional,
    Luta pelo desenvolvimento nacional,
    Luta contra o abismo do poder económico,
    Luta contra o "neo imperialismo capitalistas",
    Luta contra o desrespeito da soberania,
    Luta contra o desrespeito do direito do povo timorense pelos capitalistas estrangeiros !

    Pátria ou morte, resistir é vencer !

    A Luta Continua !

    Por : Victor Tavares


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